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    Frequently Asked Questions

     why is "self" creation of Accounts deactivated
     Due to the requirements of our merchandise management systems (customer master system by our accounting department) we as you to contact us instead of creation an account yourself. We eill create a customer account and then activatey your personal shopa account for you. Corporate customers can have any number of accounts for their employees at their company adress.
     how can I "rename" old Accounts / change User datas
     In the earlier shop versions, the ability to personalize your account name was very limited. It is now possible to rename such accounts. If you wish, please contact Mr. Markus Berghammer (his header menu S&T contact person). All other address data such as user names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and passwords can now be changed or updated in the "My Account" menu.
     how can I add products to my shop
     Your S&T business shop only contains product portfolios that have been agreed with the respective company, tested and certified by your IT. If you are of the opinion that something is missing for your daily needs, or there is something new, please contact either your direct company or group-internal customer service representative or your S&T supervisor (see header menu S&T contact person). We will forward your product request to the responsible IT department and / or central purchasing. They then decide, if your proposal will be included in the portfolio - and published in the shops.